What Is Bloatware On Windows 8 And How To Avoid It?

Is your Windows 8 PC running slow and don’t know the reason for that? Don’t get stressed, Bloatware is the main reason to slow up your system. If you want to speed up your PC then avoid and remove bloatware which is installed on your PC. Now you will be thinking what is bloatware on windows 8 just follow this article to get clear information on bloatware.

What is Bloatware?

Bloatware is software, basically pre-installed on your system before buy it. This software has some unnecessary features, by using huge amounts of memory and RAM which may slow down your system.
This Bloatware is also known as slang term for various programs which is pre-installed on PC. Many of these programs come with limited trial versions which are designed to attract new users to subscribe full-featured versions. Bloatware are found all over your system. There are the icons on your desktop. When you first start up the system, you’ll also find them in folders and programs in start menu. Even your Web browser is not protected, with shortcuts, buttons, and extra toolbars.

How to remove bloatware from your Windows 8?

Before starting removing process, ensure that the programs you are going to remove aren’t essential for your laptops, tablets or desktop, where you can end up with blocking your devices. Uninstalling bloatware manually is the proper method to remove bloatware from your PC, but this process is time consuming. So you can remove all unwanted programs by performing Windows search for uninstall and by selecting uninstall program. This uninstalls Windows where you can remove any software by clicking on uninstall on options list. But hidden bloatware doesn’t ship with modern PCs, also Norton and McAfee trial versions can be deleted.bloatwareAnother way to remove bloatware from PC is by using third party applications. These Third party utility offers clear picture of the software which is installed on your PC by indicating the date of software last used.

Removing bloatware from your PC is a good idea, but don’t combine bloatware with critical system tools. Generally laptops ship with the driver which makes it possible to squeeze some functions such as volume, brightness and more. To know more about how to remove bloatware just try it out this page.

Tips to avoid Bloatware

Bloatware can be easily added after purchase of your PC and slowly reduces its performance with background method. These unwanted programs also known as spyware and adware. They aren’t malware, but these can interrupt your computer’s standard function. Once the bloatware is deleted, you may think that the battle is over, but it can be easily added afterwards and slowly reduce the performance of your PC with the background processes.

  • Downloading installer from the internet, this will be the first sign because there may be hidden bloatware in the installer. So be careful in this situation. Software purchased (not free) from reputable developers has less bloatware compared to free versions.
  • Be careful and read the text carefully during installation process. First Avoid single one-click installations. Look for the words by checkboxes buttons like “custom”, and go through the custom installation. Sometimes, installer will not contain only application you intended to install, also has other revenue generating installation.
  • Read every checkbox: Sometimes they’ll hide it on an otherwise unrelated page of the installer. Read all checkbox and uncheck anything that wants you to install something you didn’t ask for.
  • Don’t click Next over and over without reading: If you don’t pay attention to what you’re installing, you’re bound to install bloatware. Carefully read each page of the installation wizard before you click Next.
  • Also be careful with the third party browser toolbars which can hook into your browser and can alter your search results or inject the ads.