Valuable Tool to Recover Files from Formatted Drive

In these days, you can find different storage drives like system hard drive, USB drive, etc that are being used to keep all the precious files. As you know that no drive is prone to loss of files. One of the most common issue for loss of files from drive is due to format. On executing format operation on a drive then the data inside the storage device will be deleted and get lost. However, still it is possible to restore all those lost files with reliable third party program. Usually, the deleted files after formatting still remains intact inside the storage drive. With the help of the relevant partition recovery software, it is possible to get back lost photos, videos, music, documents, images etc after formatting. In this article, you come to know how to retrieve files from formatted drive by following few simple steps.

Some of the causes that compels you to format drive are mentioned below

  • On connecting the USB drive or any other drive to your PC, the Operating system calls for disk initialization for formatting the drive.
  • Sometimes intentional formatting of drive is required to remove viruses present in it or to make hard drive free from corruption. If you have updated backup of all the important files, then you are at the safe end. But if you forget to backup the files then you might lose the files stored in it.
  • Formatting external hard drive is important when its corrupted that happened for any reason.

But nothing to get worried as it is easy to restore files from formatted drive with the help of this lost partition recovery tool. It is very easy to retrieve files from formatted drive as this tool is enriched with advanced algorithm, it scans the entire drive within few minutes. Get more details on recovery of files from formatted drive by following this page- .

Now let us learn more about lost partition recovery tool

Lost partition recovery tool can be used to restore files like documents, presentations, notepad files, spreadsheets, executable files, xml files, etc. from FAT and NTFS file system based hard drives within few clicks. The application is enriched with advanced recovery modules that has an ability to extract deleted as well as lost files from system hard drives, external hard drives, pen drives and from other popular storage devices on both Windows and Mac OS. Hence it is very easy to recover data from deleted partition on Mac with the support of this lost partition recovery tool within a few minutes.