Utility to recover lost documents on Windows OS

Even though Windows is a most advanced operating system, in some situations you can lose important documents from your computer. Sometimes you can get lot of problems after accidentally deleting important files. Suppose you came across such problems, here you can get detail information regarding how to overcome from such situations.  However, this is not a big deal since you can recover lost documents from your computer, using some third party tools. Windows document recovery software is one such powerful data recovery tool, using which the deleted or lost document can be recovered within few minutes.

Among Windows operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows XP are most widely used OS, utilized in various industries or used for individual work. On Windows OS both FAT and NTFS file systems can be used. With the help of its features, one can create word documents or maintain any information on excel sheet. But in some cases, you can lose your excel file or word document from your computer. It can happen due to user mistakes or software errors which can occur if there is any logical damage inside the hard drive.

Under such scenarios if you have lost important information which was maintained in the excel sheet, such as list of candidates, project work report, employees salary list, etc. You may not want to lose these data because you may need to do lot of rework and your valuable time may get waste. Then you can recover lost excel document using file recovery software. Before going ahead to recover lost files, it is better to know reasons behind loss of documents because it may help you to prevent loss files once again due to the same reasons.

Some of the important situations where one can lose documents from their computer are explained below.

  • As a regular computer user you may do some mistakes while working on your system. You may delete important file unintentionally while going to delete unnecessary files from your computer hard drive. Then you can lose it if you have deleted it using “Shift + Delete” key combination.
  • Sometimes, the word file or excel file may disappear from your system due to virus attack. The virus can occur in your computer through some third party website and because of connecting a USB drive having viruses.
  • While transferring files from USB drive to your computer, if the system gets shutdown due to power failure, then you have the chance to lose document which are stored in your USB drive.

There is no need to worry about lost documents; they can be recovered using some professional data recovery applications. Here you might be surprising how the deleted file recovery is possible, even if it is not listed in Recycle Bin. If any file is deleted from hard drive, then that deleted file space is provided to overwrite old data but the old deleted file will be available until that space is overwritten by new file. Only the thing is you cannot access deleted file from the hard drive, even if it is present on hard drive. To be able to access these deleted files, you need to make use of file recovery software. It scan complete drive within few minutes and restores all deleted or lost files within few minutes.

Windows file recovery software is developed with different inbuilt recovery modules, which enables it to recover all types of files from the hard drive. Using this software one can also undelete files from external drives, memory cards, iPods, etc. It is developed with a user-friendly graphical user interface so that one can easily understand the screen shots under all data recovery stages and within few mouse clicks can get back lost documents. One can also download free demo version of this application, to evaluate documents recovery result.