Steps to Export Outlook 2003 settings to 2010

Hello, I have been utilizing Outlook 2003 from around two years; the product is truly stunning it offered huge number of helpful features. I have now planned to upgrade my Outlook 2003 to 2010, however the main thing is; I need to utilize same settings which I was utilizing in Outlook 2003. Hence I need to export Outlook 2003 settings to my new Outlook 2010, can anybody please let me know what could possibly be done to migrate Outlook 2003 settings to 2010?

If suppose you too have have been trapped in a similar kind of issue as stated above; then do not scratch the head too much, as you are at a suitable spot. Are you aware of Outlook migrating tool? its really an amazing tool, which is been intended to move settings of Outlook from one version to the another version. The product is exceptionally effective, which was launched by some well known programming engineers. By taking the aid of this stunning program the settings of Outlook 2003 can be migrated to its 2010 version. It’s a most secure application, which is totally free from different types of harmful stuffs such as vindictive programs and viruses. For further more queries log on to:

How Outlook migrating program functions?

This software is been developed using advanced algorithm; it automatically scans the PST file of Outlook and makes backup of the settings and information which is available in it. When backup is made the same thing will be moved to new Outlook version i.e. to MS Outlook 2010. Presently you can just envision how supportive this product will be. You need to note down one critical thing that is; you can manually copy Outlook information and the same copied information can be moved, however the settings can’t be replicated and relocated, hence this Outlook migrating program can easily assist you to migrate outlook 2003 settings to 2010. In the event that you need to move Microsoft Outlook 2000 to 2007; then this tool suits for it.

Below described points are some popular features of Outlook migrating program:

  • It’s a GUI (Graphical User interface) software; thus user of this product need not to bother about any exceptional aptitudes to migrate Outlook settings and its information.
  • In an extremely constrained time compass, this application finishes backup and movement process.
  • This software will permit you to choose the things that you wish to move from backup file.
  • The backup file made by this app can be saved to any of the auxiliary storage device.
  • This exceptional software can compress as well as password protect the backup file.
  • It’s a most famed Outlook migrating app, which has received worldwide reputation.
  • This application is easily compatible with all available versions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc.
  • Demo version of this Outlook migrating software is there on site, prior to purchse you can try this application.

Try the demo version of Outlook migrating program; if it gives attractive results then go for its licensed version.