Software to recover Transcend Jet Flash Pen Drive

Transcend is one of most famous brand of pen drive. Jet Flash Pen drive is an external flash drive, and is used for storing data. Jet Flash Pen drive can stores any type of data like favorite movie, important files / photos, confidential documents, anything according to its storage capacity. Stored files in Jet Flash Pen drive may get corrupt and you lose all personal data. Nowadays losing important files and folders from pen drives is becoming an common issue for the pen drive user.

Most of the times, users improperly ejects the pen drive from your computer, this improper ejection of pen drive may damage its file system. Due to corruption you are unable to access your files from Pen drive and which in turn bring data loss. At this condition how to recover the Transcend Jet flash pen drive data will be the first question comes in every one’s mind. By using the USB recovery software you are able to restore lost data back only in few simple clicks. Beside improper ejection there are several scenarios because of which you could lose some of your important files.

There are many reasons for data loss from Jet Flash drive crash like:

  • Accidental format, re-format, or re-partition of pen drive.
  • Deletion of files/folders from pen drive when using 3rd party tool (Antivirus).
  • Infected pen drive fails to mount/connect form pc.
  • Files deleted from pen drive will skip the recycle bin and cause permanent deletion of file.
  • Files deleted as a result of insertion of pen drive in the corrupted system.

Here are some precautions which enable you to take to minimize data loss scenarios:

  • Use of good antivirus program in your system will protect your system from virus attack.
  • Use voltage regulator for maintaining a fluctuation in voltage.
  • Avoid connecting USB drive with virus infected PC.
  • Don’t avoid safely remove option before removing drive from system.

It’s possible to recover data or files in the infected/irrecoverable/crashed Jet Flash Pen Drive. Only one thing you must do download USB recovery software. This tool is capable of recover data loss during Re-formatting, re-partitioning crashed pen drive. Using this tool you can also recover data from pen drives having bad sectors. It tool supports recovery for all famous brands of flash drive. So if you have any question like how to recover Kingston data traveler, then this software will help you to overcome from such issues.

USB recovery is the better recovery application for Windows OS. This tool also contains separate software for Mac OS. This software recovers data from crashed or non-booting Jet Flash Pen Drive. It also recovers data, which is deleted or inaccessible from your pen drive. This software supports data recovery from other flash drive also Memory card, SD card, CF card, external hard drives, FireWire Drives, iPods. Using the help of the application, it is possible to also recover password protected files.

It performs recovery on the bases of name, size, file type or file extension. Click here to obtain the trial version of the software. Afterwards you can go for its full version in the event the outcomes of demo version are satisfactory enough. For windows it supports Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 Operating Systems and for Mac it supports Mac OS X 10.5x and above(including Leopard / Snow Leopard / Lion).