Software for Recovering Mac Data

How to restore a particular file which has by passed my trash in Mac OS x lion .Is it possible if the deleted file is a picture file?

Suggest a good tool to recover my unique files from Mac operating system and also state the unique features available?

My Mac operating system got corrupted due to some third party boot software. I am using a Mac book pro .I can reinstall my OS but I need some of the most essential data in it .Is it possible to recover mac hard drive .Suggest me a good tool?

Any disk based operating system uses a specific amount of maintenance both to make sure that it operates efficiently also to prevent mishaps from happening. Even if the iMac’s all-in-one design decreases the quantity of cables that the computer wants which is still possible that the hard drive gets corrupted as a result of some other vital reasons. Every time you switch on your iMac which gets suddenly frozen although awaiting a protracted time frame, user is not capable of accessing the data. In this case, it takes solid reboot which is a temporary glitch principally for this abrupt system de-activate.

Next time if the user turn on your iMac PC where the user is going to get a fault like “An error occurred in the file system check” otherwise occasionally, you might get an “inode Error”. Major difference between the errors messages are the first one is for the reason that file system in the hard drive or may lose its preliminary value and the second reason is similar to the first but the data inaccessible is due to big memory fetch essential for the process which is not accessible at present. To recover data from corrupted Mac hard drive is not a tough task.

Valid reasons which can be held responsible for the deletion on Mac OS X are mentioned below:

Accidental Deletion: You might accidently delete files by emptying the trash on Mac OS X. While deleting unwanted files from your system hard drive you might accidentally delete some important documents.

Data deleted by third party tool: Malfunctioning of third party applications or programs could also lead to loss or deletion of files.

Improper shutdown of computer: Make sure that you have closed all your programs before shutting down your Mac machine. Improper shutdown of your system can result in loss of files too.

Valid reasons that support the tool are

  • Ø Acts as a good support for Mac OS 10.x versions and one of the best performer in HFS+ and HFSX file system
  • Ø This tool alone is much enough to recover datas from almost all type of internal and external storage devices
  • Ø Has ability to restore files from unmounted disk volumes and hard disks with bad sectors
  • Ø Never need a huge space to install and extremely guaranteed for an efficient data recovery
  • Ø Provides good sustainity and user friendly approach

Some use full points to remember

  • Ø Do not save any files on the Mac hard disk from where you lost or data removal. The files which are deleted are not permanently detached. They still stay alive on the hard disk drive until the storage space where the files were stored is overwritten either by new files or by some other third party application and it is better choice to avoid using hard drives for further usage.
  • Ø Avoid installing Mac HDD recovery tool or any other application on the same drive that has been formatted or from where the user had deleted everything. After the data is recovered using Mac HDD recovery software keep it on other strong drive to avoid permanent data loss

People needed the software program can receive it from here. Go through the instruction provided in the installation process