Restore Data from Hard Drive on Windows 8

Windows 8 is enhanced with major redesign which sees the Start menu scrapped, desktop demoted, and years of interface conventions thrown away. On the other hand, Microsoft continues to build up more authoritative Operating system in order to meet the customers’ needs. Nowadays more and more people prefer this Windows 8. Therefore here comes the problem. Most of the people lost their precious files from Windows 8 accidentally or because of some factors.

How many of you people have met with data loss issue with Windows 8 hard drive? And how many of you have found reliable solution on how to recover data from Windows 8 hard drive? Well, this is not a complicated case but is a simple case to overcome the issue of data loss on Windows 8 hard drive. One of the prominent tool that can be utilized for recovering data from Windows 8 hard disk is data recovery software. This program is enriched with advanced built-in algorithm that can recognize and restore more than 300 different files types on the basis of their unique signatures. Also it is possible to classify these files according to name, date, size and file type extensions.

Situations where this data recovery tool is helpful:

  • Formatting your Windows 8 HDD partition intentionally or unintentionally without backing up its contents can leads to erasure of all the files stored on it.
  • Occurrence of errors while defragmenting Windows 8 HDD, for an example like sometimes you defrag hard disk to access data in a faster way. But if this operation is carried improperly then it results in deletion or loss of files from Windows 8 hard disk.
  • Deleting an important data from your Windows 8 system using “Shift + Delete” key combination by mistake.
  • Reformatting NTFS file system to ReFs file system to use advanced feature can result in loss of data from Windows 8 hard drive.
  • Storing your important files and folders on Windows 8 hard disk containing bad sectors.
  • Usage of third party application to resize, create or delete Windows 8 partition can leads to loss of data from Windows HDD.

In order to retrieve data from Windows 8 hard drive that is lost because of above mentioned scenarios or the others then it is suggested to make use of this data recovery software. This data recovery tool helps to recover data from Windows 8 hard drive of numerous types that includes SATA, SCSI, IDE, ATA, SAS, SSD etc. You can also employ this tool for recovering data from flash memory cards like SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, Memory stick etc, external USB hard drives, FireWire drives and other data storage devices. Data recovery tool is compatible with all hard drive manufacturers that includes Apple, Buffalo, Fujitsu, Hitachi, , Kingston, LaCie, Maxtor, Imation, Iomega Quantum, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital etc. Data recovery toolkit supports all the latest versions of Windows OS systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 & 2008 servers. This tool also facilitates you with the” Preview” option so that you can view your recovered data.