Properties All about Collaboration of Microsoft and GoPro on File Storage Technology Intellectual

It was announced by the Microsoft Corporation that it got collaborated with the GoPro Inc for the deal of selecting file storage services and for system technologies. The partner of the software giant thought that Microsoft Licensing subsidiary wants it on the entertainment based cloud services and extreme-sport streaming sector.

Lenovo-Desktop-Marketing-01In the details of the licensing agreement, the terms, prices and patent are also involved and are confidential at the moment. Nick Psyhogeos, the president of Microsoft Technology Licensing said that the agreement with the GoPro shows enable of the technology sharing through patent transactions. Also he said that the personal wearable technologies licensing by Microsoft is seeing a strong demand from all the industries in order to optimize their solutions for their customers all around the world.

ExFAT file system is one of the technologies that Microsoft has explicitly listed and can be licensed. That means under the patent deal this file system is most likely covered. On the storage media the ExFAT file system will enable you to save large files between 32GB to 256TB.

GoPro Hero camera lines are the latest models and they will support SD cards of storage space up to 128GB. ExFAT is used by the hardware of GoPro for largest storage media capacity where as FAT format is used if the storage capacity is under 64GB.

Microsoft had recently signed two partnership agreements one is the new GoPro patent licensing deal and other deal was signed with smartwatch maker “Olio” as an effort to involve wearable’s. These deals will help the Microsoft to push it into wearable sector.

Because of this Microsoft has announced its plans regarding its shift to cloud based services and products for both businesses and the consumers. The wearable devices are designed in such a way that they should by compact and efficient as much as possible.

The investors of the GoPro have not got any positive news since 2016 as the start of fiscal year, roughly 44.8% shares plunged on the back of deteriorating sentiment of the investors. The share of GoPro was increased by 5.5% to $10.55 after the patent licensing deal with Microsoft.