Robotic Firefighter Unveiled By U.S. Navy

Sir Francis Drake is an English vice-admiral who used fire ships; aging the hulks in order to set ablaze and to allow float freely into the Armada and ships to break formation forced the Spanish. Fire is still one of the gravest threats to shipboard life even after above 400 years later. Old threat, new technology: Fire drills, on board alarms and locking fire doors are the shipboard procedures may… Read Article →

Software for MacBook Pro Hard Drive Data Recovery

MacBook is one of the brands of notebook that is manufactured by Apple Inc. This device is widely used across the world. The hard drive of MacBook consists of billions of files (program or application files). It is quite irritating for users when files get deleted or lost due to several reasons. If the deleted or lost files are important for users then they want to recover data as soon… Read Article →

Way to Keep Your Windows PC Safer and Secure by the below Security Checklist

Windows is the operating system introduced by Microsoft Corporate. Windows have some advanced features and most of the people opt to use Windows operating system. There are many versions of Windows OS and some of them are Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and has some unique features. Despite of the features of Windows your PC may… Read Article →

Simple Way to Recover Files from RAW Partitions

In any system, hard drive plays a important role. You can store your all important data in your system hard drive for a long time period. To arrange those files in an order, you can make different partitions in different sizes. Sometimes a damaged partition/volume may look like it lost its file system and CHKDSK tool will complain that file system is raw. The most typical symptom of raw file… Read Article →

What Is Bloatware On Windows 8 And How To Avoid It?

Is your Windows 8 PC running slow and don’t know the reason for that? Don’t get stressed, Bloatware is the main reason to slow up your system. If you want to speed up your PC then avoid and remove bloatware which is installed on your PC. Now you will be thinking what is bloatware on windows 8 just follow this article to get clear information on bloatware. What is Bloatware?… Read Article →

Here’s The Reliable SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery Software

“Hi guys, help me out please I am anxiety due to data loss from my SanDisk Pen Drive! I was transferred some of my valuable files from SanDisk 16GB pen drive on to my computer using (Cut + Paste) options. After sometime, thinking that the transferring process got completed I pulled out the SanDisk USB Drive from the system. This unexpectedly caused in loss of those transferred files on both… Read Article →

Solution to Perform Deleted WMA File Recovery

WMA stands for Windows Media Audio which is used as a file extension of Windows Media player. It is available in both audio codec and audio format. Microsoft released this media player to compete MP3 and Real audio format.WMA is widely used for playing music through web. Sometimes, WMA file get deleted from the storage device like system hard drive, external hard drive, etc. If you are facing such situations… Read Article →

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from SanDisk Memory Card?

SanDisk are one of the popular and well-known memory card manufactures. Even though, it’s famous for flash memory cards, file loss from it still occurs. Most of the widely SanDisk flash card users faced lots of data loss / deletion from it. Some of the reasons behind the loss are unpredictable by novice user. That’s why, this article provides a quick look over the scenarios behind data loss from SanDisk… Read Article →

Know How To Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

Formatting is the method of deleting files from a drive to give space for new files or for new operating system. Even if your drive is formatted, the data which was stored on it can still be retrieved if there is no any new data written to that drive. One of the main reasons for this is, hard drive which is formatted does not erase anything; it just removes the… Read Article →

Here’s How Iomega Ego File Recovery Can Be Made Easy

Iomega is the leading brand in manufacturing and distributing electronic products for computer users all around the globe. Iomega Ego is a external or portable storage device which has become most popular among the computer users due its incredible features like, huge storage capacity due to which you will be able to store any type of data on it such as image files, documents, video clips, pictures, PPTs etc and… Read Article →