How to undo hard disk partition on Windows OS?

Windows is among the most popular and used OS across the world. Because of simple to use nature a layman could work with Windows easily. But in spite of having fantastic usability of this OS, you could possibly face situation of hard drive data loss on Windows OS. There are many reasons of data loss on Windows based system. The most common loss of data scenarios on Windows is accidental formatting of hard disk partition. Sometimes when because of any reason, you’ve decided to format any hard disk drive partition and in place of desired hard disk partition you might have formatted another useful hard disk partition that has several of your vital data stored. This issue is quite frustrating because you cannot roll back that formatted hard drive by system provided tools and eventually you are going to lose your essential data from computer. But even during this case don’t panic!!! As Unformat Windows application can assist you to rescue hard disk partition within matter of minutes.

However, there are several other scenarios where you may lose your important data from Windows. Virus infection causes severe loss of data on Windows based system. Sometimes when you’re utilizing} your Windows computer using a network or transferring files from USB device then there might be the possibility that virus may come from those places and infect hard drive partition. These malicious viruses may damage your vital data that is stored with that particular hard disk drive partition and can make it inaccessible sometimes. Gradually all of your stored data of the particular drive become inaccessible and finally whenever you attempt to open that hard disk drive you discovered that you aren’t in a position to open the drive. In this critical condition there’s just one method to use that drive partition drive that is certainly you need to format it. After format you may lose all of your data stored into it.

Sometimes whenever you connect any external storage memory device along with your Windows based computer, you found that an error message shown like “The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” Mainly this error takes place when file system has some error. In case you have clicked yes button then accidentally your external storage device gets formatted and lastly you may lose data from external storage device. However, you can undo Windows data by using previously discussed application, actually when formatting of the drive occurs, then only connection between the stored data and file pointer has deleted but data remain same on memory area. So you can easily rescue formatted data from hard disk partition.

However, if you already know some simple precautions then you can definitely save your valuable vital data from previously mentioned loss of data scenarios which happens because of formatting of hard disk. Always create and update the backup with disk drive data, in case you will lose data because of any scenario then you can certainly retrieve it from backup. Scan your system by an antivirus program in order to avoid formatting scenarios.

Unformat Windows is an efficient tool to undo hard disk on all popular versions of Windows based OS. It is possible to restore lost data from storage devices like USB drive, memory stick and SD card. You can also unformat hard disk data from formatted FAT, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 partitions.