Corrupted External Hard Drive? – Recover its Data in Simple Steps

External hard drives are widely used storage devices, whenever we want to store data on any alternative to computer hard drive, we can use external hard drive, which is helpful to preserve back up of valuable data for long time. It has a large storage capacity within that we can store different type of files or information. External hard drives are mostly used, because we can easily transfer our data or information in a quick and convenient way.

The main disadvantage of external hard drive is about data loss or information lacking due to many interrupts. There are many ways that can corrupt external hard drive such as virus attack, physical damage of external hard disk. We have to careful about our external hard drive before it gets damage. Early detection and treatment are to be taken and it must be essential.

Is it possible to recover data from corrupted external hard drive?

Yes, we can recover data from corrupted external hard drive by using an efficient External Disk Recovery software. Utilizing this software is an ultimate solution to recover files/folders from corrupted external HDD. This application is popular because, it is most reliable and fastest way of recovering the data. This software is specially designed to scan and restore data from external hard drives, flash memory cards, pen drives, memory sticks, iPods and others.

External Disk Recovery tool offers advanced scanning methods to recover files from raw external hard drive or when it is corrupted due to various reasons. It recovers data from externally connected drive with 0 Bytes error, file system error, failure of re-partitioning & re-sizing, format error, etc. While scanning the disk, it retrieves different type files including movies, photos, audio recordings, music, RAR/Zip archives, Microsoft Office documents and many more.

This software supports external hard drive recovery on different Mac OS X and Window OS configured PC or laptop. External HDD from WD, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Maxtor, Buffalo, Lenovo, etc are easily restored by this program. To get more exposure to the external hard drive recovery tool, you can visit at

Facts regarding data loss from external hard drive:

  • While accessing certain files from external hard drive on your PC, mistakenly disconnected your external hard drive from computer.
  • Due to virus attack the external hard drive will get corrupted. This shows that we can’t retrieve data which is saved in USB hard drive.
  • Data may get deleted from external hard drive due to file system corruption or unintentional/intentional format.
  • If bad sectors are occupied or developed on the hard drive, you could loss all the data within it.
  • Mishandling the external hard drive or physical damage of external hard drive, will cause disk corruption and loss of data that is present in the external disk.

Steps to recover data from corrupted external hard drive:

  • Initially we need to download trial version of this software. Then run the software and connect external hard drive to the system and select the appropriate option i.e. “Recover Drives” from the main screen to recover lost data.
  • Now, select either “partition recovery” or “formatted or reformatted recovery” option based on your requirements.
  • Select the storage device (external HDD) from which data needs to be recovered.
  • From the main screen, you need to select the scan option to recover files from corrupted hard drive.
  • After the scanning process is finished, you can preview restored files in “File Type View” or “Data View”.
  • Finally if you can save the recovered data to any desired location on your computer hard drive or to other storage disk.