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Advanced Technique to Repair Damaged AVI File

AVI, shorted for Audio Video Interleave, is a multimedia format configuration presented by Microsoft. AVI files can contain both sound and video information in a file that permits synchronous sound with-video playback. However due to some reasons these AVI files gets corrupted. It is one of the more frequent issues where every user might have analyzed or come across in their life. Computerized photographs and videos may get coincidentally corrupted… Read Article →

App to Fix AVI Files

AVI is the Audio and Video file composition; it is the file format for video files with audios, so usually the video files with file extension .avi are called AVI files. You might be cheerful with watching videos and listening to music of AVI files. There might be more than a few videos suppose the video player completely fails to play such AVI files, then you will be slight worried… Read Article →

Best Approach to Fix AVI Files

AVI files get corrupted because of various reasons. When the system hangs, it will not get the shut down command. Then you’ve to choose the forced shut down. This will make all of your video clips saved on the AVI files in unplayable format. Whenever you aren’t able to play audio/video clips or you are facing condition in opening your AVI files, it’s the indication that some corruptions have happened… Read Article →

Procedure to repair Word document using software

You are aware that it is a computer era and be an essential part in individual’s life. Actually, we’re fully dependent upon computer from the account to execute our work. Currently, all organization uses computer to keep their document. Generally, the organization uses word document file in order to save their data. If somehow, your document file becomes inaccessible or corrupted then which are the measures that you will require… Read Article →