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Review Of Supersonic Magnum 2 USB Flash Drive

The portable USB drives come in all sizes, speeds, shapes and prices. Now let us have a look over the specifications and performance of the Supersonic Magnum 2 USB Flash Drive. Specifications: Following are the specifications that are featured by the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 USB Flash Drive: 256GB, 512GB capacity. USB 3.0, USB 3.1 (USB Technology) Write speed up to 300 MB/s Read speed up to 400 MB/s 8… Read Article →

Properties All about Collaboration of Microsoft and GoPro on File Storage Technology Intellectual

It was announced by the Microsoft Corporation that it got collaborated with the GoPro Inc for the deal of selecting file storage services and for system technologies. The partner of the software giant thought that Microsoft Licensing subsidiary wants it on the entertainment based cloud services and extreme-sport streaming sector. In the details of the licensing agreement, the terms, prices and patent are also involved and are confidential at the… Read Article →


Movie for iOS allows you to become a mobile filmmaker. With the mobile app, you’ll skip the method of transferring video to your mackintosh and acquire started right your iPhone, wherever your videos reside. In some ways, the stripped mobile version of iMovie is less complicated to use than the mackintosh app. To get started, you ought to select either a film project or a Trailer project guide. Learn the… Read Article →

Robotic Firefighter Unveiled By U.S. Navy

Sir Francis Drake is an English vice-admiral who used fire ships; aging the hulks in order to set ablaze and to allow float freely into the Armada and ships to break formation forced the Spanish. Fire is still one of the gravest threats to shipboard life even after above 400 years later. Old threat, new technology: Fire drills, on board alarms and locking fire doors are the shipboard procedures may… Read Article →

What Is Bloatware On Windows 8 And How To Avoid It?

Is your Windows 8 PC running slow and don’t know the reason for that? Don’t get stressed, Bloatware is the main reason to slow up your system. If you want to speed up your PC then avoid and remove bloatware which is installed on your PC. Now you will be thinking what is bloatware on windows 8 just follow this article to get clear information on bloatware. What is Bloatware?… Read Article →