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How to Recover Files after Formatting Hard Drive Partition

Did you format your hard drive partition by mistake? Now, want to restore the data back from it? You made a great choice, oh ho it didn’t mean deleting hard drive partition a great choice. You landed this page and it gives instructions on how to recover files after formatting hard drive partition. Retrieving data from formatted hard drive is no big deal if you have this software installed on… Read Article →

Know How To Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

Formatting is the method of deleting files from a drive to give space for new files or for new operating system. Even if your drive is formatted, the data which was stored on it can still be retrieved if there is no any new data written to that drive. One of the main reasons for this is, hard drive which is formatted does not erase anything; it just removes the… Read Article →

Here’s How Iomega Ego File Recovery Can Be Made Easy

Iomega is the leading brand in manufacturing and distributing electronic products for computer users all around the globe. Iomega Ego is a external or portable storage device which has become most popular among the computer users due its incredible features like, huge storage capacity due to which you will be able to store any type of data on it such as image files, documents, video clips, pictures, PPTs etc and… Read Article →

Corrupted External Hard Drive? – Recover its Data in Simple Steps

External hard drives are widely used storage devices, whenever we want to store data on any alternative to computer hard drive, we can use external hard drive, which is helpful to preserve back up of valuable data for long time. It has a large storage capacity within that we can store different type of files or information. External hard drives are mostly used, because we can easily transfer our data… Read Article →

Recovery software to restore deleted data

To store and fetch required data there are multiple options. And the frequent one option can be using storage devices like hard disk drives, memory cards, etc. Usually computer users store most of the data in their system hard drive and if the data has to be made portable then you go with portable drives like external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives and much more.  And using the hard… Read Article →

File Recovery from External Hard Drive

Want to restore deleted or lost files from your hard disk? Don’t know how to complete the process securely without any further loss? Don’t worry. Sometimes it happens like you don’t want to lose your important documents, but some silly mistake you make and all data are gone within some moment. Actually these are not your fault. It’s time to sort out the problem. You can be dependent on the… Read Article →

A proper solution to recover lost files from hard disk drive

The hard disk recovery software helps you in recovering lost data or deleted data from the hard disk drive. The data could be deleted or lost from the hard drive because of numerous reasons like deletion of partition table information, corruption of a file system and reformatting the partitions by accident etc. One of the corruption of a file system in a normally occurring data loss situation. Corruption of the… Read Article →