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Perfect Tool to Restore Files from Digital Camera

“Today morning I was shocked to see that my all personal snaps were missing from my digital camera. I had clicked my Birthday photos at last night. How could I get back those memorable photos back? Is there any photo recovery tools for perfect file recovery from digital camera?” Did you ever get stuck in such kind of similar issues? If yes, then you must need proper recovery software for… Read Article →

Recover Deleted or Lost Files from SanDisk Extreme SSD 240 GB

SanDisk is a leading brand which design, manufacture and develops storage device. SanDisk extreme SSD 240 GB is one of the products of this American company. This device is used to store and back up important files. SanDisk SSD card stores files of different file format such as songs, pictures, videos, documents, etc. It is portable device so that users can easily carry from one place to another. In spite… Read Article →

Want To Retrieve Files?

It is extremely common catastrophe with people who use computers and other users with various storage media devices, since they are deleted or lose variety of precious files after several undesired issues. Once you have intact with such unexpected crisis, if usually do not create a plan to make recovery of files, you will definitely get far away from unique assortment of information forever. Therefore, it’s a good practice to… Read Article →

Software to retrieve files from USB drive

USB is a small portable device for storing huge amount of data and easily carried from one place to another place. It is available in different storage capacity ranges from MB to TB, and with different brands like Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Samsung etc. This device is plug and play storage device and uses flash memory. When user plugs the device into the USB port, the system recognizes the device as… Read Article →

How Do You Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin?

Suppose you are using Windows operating system, while accessing heavy database of the one of the project you have accidentally deleted files using “Shift+Delete” keys. Due to such kind of situation you will be unhappy and you become urgently try to perform deleted file recovery Windows.  Many of you may be search in recycle bin thinking that, if fortunately those files are Recycle Bin so that they can restore those… Read Article →

How to repair office documents

Microsoft Word is the word processing element of the Microsoft Office Suite, and is one of the most comprehensively utilizing computer applications. It let user easy textual input. It is offered by MS operating systems with many advantageous options, as well as a mixture of color selection, the facility to modify font-size, underlining, etc. It allows pictures to put onto your documents. So it is most popular to manage many… Read Article →

Windows 7 Recovery

Windows 7 is succeeded through the latest Windows 8 version and preceded by Windows vista. In comparison with vista, it possesses some performance boosting features. It has some new items included with its control panel like color calibration wizard, clear type text tuner, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Office center, location along with other censors, etc. Some standard application like Windows Mail, Windows Calendar, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, etc. are not… Read Article →